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2022 Fall MCC Spend Offer

2022 Fall MCC Spend Offer

Campaign Overview

Whether it’s getting that monthly bill paid on time or catching up on the latest binge-worthy series, your members’ everyday spending is about to get even more rewarding!

Effective Dates

October 1st – November 30th 

Timing & Eligibility   

From October 1st to November 30th, consumer reward-based cards (excluding US Dollar card and Low-Rate Business) will receive 50% Bonus Reward Points for every $1 spent on their recurring Streaming, Utility, and Telco payments.  

Eligible purchases are purchases from stores that fall under the following Merchant Category Codes (MCCs): 

  • Code 4814: Telecommunications Services including: Local and Long Distance Calls, Credit Card Calls, Facsimile Services
  • Code 4816: Computer Network/Information Services
  • Code 4899: Cable, Satellite, and Other Pay Television and Radio Services
  • Code 4900: Utilities – Electric, Gas, Water, Sanitary
  • Code 5735: Record Shops
  • Code 5815: Digital Goods – Books, Movies, Music
  • Code 5816: Digital Goods – Games
  • Code 5817: Digital Goods – Applications (exclude games)
  • Code 5818: Large Digital Goods Merchant
  • Code 5968: Direct Marketing – Community / Subscription Merchants
  • Code 7841: DVD/Video Tape Rental
  • Code 7994: Video Game Arcades / Establishments

Rewards Breakdown & Structure

Rewards breakdown for each eligible card type is as follows:

 Eligible CardsBase Rewards identified MCCSIncremental PointsCampaign Rewards on identified MCCs Breakdown for Campaign
ConsumerCash Back0.5 points/$1 spend0.250.75 points/$1 spend
Centra Gold1 points/$1 spend0.51.5 points/$1 spend
Travel Rewards1 points/$1 spend0.51.5 points/$1 spend
Visa Infinite/World Mastercard1 points/$1 spend0.51.5 points/$1 spend

The Fall MCC Spend Offer will be reflected in cardholder accounts within two (2) statement cycles after November 30th, 2022.