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Loans & Lines of Credit

Personal loans

Ask us about a personal loan tailored to suit your needs, with competitive fixed and variable rates. Since approvals are made locally, the funds are available right when you need them. Simply choose the term that works for you and we’ll do the rest. Applying is easy. Contact us today:


Lines of Credit

With a line of credit through North Peace Savings, you have a predetermined amount of money that is available whenever you need it. A line of credit is linked directly to your chequing account, providing immediate funds, however and whenever you access your account. You pay interest only on the outstanding balance, for the time you need it and yet have the peace of mind knowing that money is available at any time. As you pay the loan back, the money is automatically available to you again.

You can use this line of credit for whatever you decide - to make major purchases, consolidate debt, remodel your home, or have it in case of an emergency.

RSP Loans

A comfortable retirement is something everyone wishes for...well, wish no more.  At North Peace Savings our RSP Loans can help you maximize your Registered Retirement Savings Plan contribution.

Whether it’s for your first-ever RSP contribution or to help make your annual contribution, North Peace Savings' RSP Loans can help you reduce your taxes now so you can start saving sooner for your retirement.

Loan Protection

Life's unexpected events can happen any time. How would you pay your bills in the event of a family tragedy such as a job loss, critical illness, sickness, accident or death?

CUMIS Creditor Insurance offers affordable protection and peace of mind from the financial hardship of these unexpected events.

Talk to us today about how to add Creditor Insurance to your mortgage, loan or line of credit. Enrolling is easy and affordable!