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Thea Warriner

Thea Wariner

  • Team: Business, Business Group

Thea Warriner is a Manager, Small Business

Thea was born and raised in Wainright Alberta, where her family owned and operated a successful small business in the auto industry. Growing up with parents who worked for themselves piqued Thea’s interest in business. Thea now lives in Vermilion with her significant other and 5 children. Thea’s partner is an entrepreneur in the Oil and Gas Industry, giving Thea great appreciation and understanding for the entrepreneurial spirit. Thea brings finance and treasury experience in both the public and private sector to the NPS Team as well as 5+ years of experience as an agricultural and commercial lender. Thea loves helping agriculture and small business members see their goals come to fruition and feels grateful to be part of that process. Thea is passionate about business and believes that small businesses are the foundation of our communities and integral in helping our community’s families thrive. Thea not only embodies the entrepreneurial spirit that we hold so dear at NPS, she also mirrors our commitment to community with a rich history of volunteering with 4-H, minor hockey, and various small business community organizations.

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